What Hobbies Are Best for Plane Enthusiasts?

If you find yourself increasingly fascinated with the workings of a plane, you may wonder whether there are some hobbies that you can partake in. Plane enthusiasts can find a number of different activities to tickle their fancy, from simulating the piloting experience to getting ready for take-off themselves.

Simulators and a Game to Predict the Plane’s Outcome

Flight simulators have been popular for many years and are getting more realistic with every passing minute. As well as simulating flight journeys online, you can also try the likes of the Boeing 737 simulator in Washington, where you get to take control of a full-scale replica of the craft on virtually any flight route of your choosing.

Another similarly engaging option comes from the Aviator game, which is a betting game in online casinos. You watch as the plane takes off and then have to predict how high the plane will reach before it flies away. Cash out when you think it’s reached its maximum height, which is when you will be able to capture the biggest win multiplier.

Learning How to Fly For Real

If you try a flight simulator and like it, the next step might be to go up in the air for real. Flying lessons are widely available around the world; this information on getting a pilot license broadly outlines what the process will look like.

You’ll normally need to take a short introductory flight before starting your lessons. The number of hours of flight experience you need before getting a license depends on the exact type of license you plan to take out. The rules state that a minimum of 40 hours is needed for a private pilot’s license, but the average taken by new pilots is closer to 75 hours.

Watching Air Shows and Using Radio-Controlled Aircraft

If you want to observe the action from the ground, try the radio-controlled plane, also known as an RC aircraft. This involves operating an aircraft through a radio on the ground. You may, however, wonder whether you need some sort of license or permission to carry this out. In certain countries, an RC aircraft that weighs over a certain amount needs to be registered, but smaller vehicles may not require such licensing.

Or perhaps you’re more comfortable and just as entertained watching other people fly planes rather than flying them yourself. Air shows are popular all over the planet and the EAA AirVenture event at Oshkosh, Wisconsin is arguably the biggest of them all. This event involves thousands of aircraft gathered in one place for a week of flights and stunts.

All of these hobbies offer a way of enjoying the world of aircraft in a way that suits you. They range from simpler activities such as flight simulation to more time-consuming and complex pastimes such as stepping out of the simulator and into an actual cockpit. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from trying the whole array of them.

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