What Hobbies Are Best for Plane Enthusiasts?

If you find yourself increasingly fascinated with the workings of a plane, you may wonder whether there are some hobbies that you can partake in. Plane enthusiasts can find a number of different activities to tickle their fancy, from simulating the piloting experience to getting ready for take-off themselves. Simulators and a Game to Predict the Plane’s […]

How to Make a Balloon Arch With Strip: A Step-By-Step Guide

Out of the 5 birthday parties, 3 store openings, 1 graduation ceremony, and 2 weddings I’ve been to over the past year, 8 events featured a balloon arch or garland! It’s safe to say that balloon arches and garlands have soared in popularity, and I’m all here for it! I mean, they’re super versatile, relatively […]

Suzuki Graphics Kit: How To Bring A New Style To Your Dirt Bike

Just like the name implies, dirt bikes get dirty. These rugged vehicles are made for off-road tracks and trails, so they can take a lot of wear and tear. But, dirt bikes can work hard and still look good with suitable graphics. The following guide will explain how to use and install a graphics kit […]

Five Of The Best YouTube Channels For New Guitarists

As recently as ten years ago, a new guitarist would find themselves staring at a page of notation trying to learn how to play the guitar, or paying out hundreds of dollars a month for guitar lessons. Luckily for today’s beginners, the internet has delivered a gigantic amount of free content to help them on […]